The NBA Signs New, Exclusive Content Deal with Twitter

NBA Twitter deal

NBA discourse is huge on Twitter, and today, the platform has solidified its partnership with the National Basketball Association, signing a new content deal that will see the NBA continue to provide exclusive content, highlights and free live game segments for chosen games, as part of a multi-year agreement.

As per The NBA:

“Since joining Twitter in 2009, the NBA has built one of the largest Twitter communities in the world, with more than 380 million followers globally across all league, team and player platforms.”

That’s afforded both Twitter and the NBA significant opportunity for expanded connection and fan engagement, which it’s looking to build on with its new content deal and initiatives, which will include the continuation of its #NBATwitterLive streaming option for the second halves of select NBA on TNT games.

And a crucial addition to this new arrangement – the NBA will also air exclusive Twitter Spaces content throughout the coming season:

“The NBA’s 40 scheduled Twitter Spaces will include 75th Anniversary-themed versions planned around tentpole moments and marquee events such as Christmas Day, NBA All-Star and the NBA Finals. The Spaces will feature NBA players, legends and other members of the NBA family discussing on-court storylines and reflecting on the league’s storied 75-year history.”

Twitter’s still working to make Spaces a key element of the app, building on the popularity of social audio from earlier in the year, and while it still has some way to go in facilitating optimal discovery, and maximizing user interest, the addition of exclusive, popular content will go a long way towards attracting more listeners, and making Spaces a bigger consideration.

The NBA Spaces will also allow for sponsorship, providing brands with new opportunities “to connect and engage with fans through live NBA audio.”

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