FCC proposes faster speeds for rural broadband program

fiber 5G cable broadband

The Federal Communications Commission is considering modifying the rules for one of its high-cost rural broadband deployment programs to support 100/20 Mbps service.

The agency has opened public comment on a proposal that would increase available support to some of the smallest, most rural providers while also increasing the required speeds that they have to deploy, with the goal of “achieving widespread deployment of faster 100/20 Mbps broadband service.”

This would be accomplished by modifying the current Alternative Connect America Model (A-CAM) program to establish an Enhanced A-CAM program, which would raise the deployment speeds required by the program and bring them inline with those required by other federal programs, including those funded by the recent Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. The proposal to do so was originally put forward by the A-CAM Broadband Coalition, a group of companies which are participating in the program.

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