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Industrial Internet of Things CE & SEE

Industrial Internet of Things CE & SEE 15 October 2018, Prague, Czech Republic >> Read more

Wi-Fi 6: New name system

Wi-Fi Alliance has simplified the names for Wi-Fi standards by dropping its complex code scheme, such as '802.11'. Instead, the alliance has introduced single digit classifications, starting with 'Wi-Fi 6' which is the new designation for products and networks that support Wi-Fi based on 802.11ax technology. The alliance hopes that Wi-Fi 6 will provide users with an easy-to-understand designation for both the Wi-Fi...

Volkswagen will build its connected car tech on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform

Volkswagen has enlisted the help of Microsoft to allow its customers to utilise digital services in its connected cars. The joint solution – called the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud – operates on Microsoft’s Azure cloud, allowing customers to access key services and seamlessly switch between in-car and home services. Read more at IOT NETWORK NEWS

Renault unveils autonomous concierge concept for last mile delivery

Renault has unveiled the EZ-PRO, an autonomous delivery concept that could provide a modular, last-mile option for logistics operators. Renault launched the futuristic concept at the Hannover Motor Show this week, highlighting the company’s confidence in this potentially lucrative market. Read more at IOT NETWORK NEWS

Wondrwall makes smart homes autonomous with sensor arrays

Connected-home technology company Wondrwall has launched what it claims is the world’s first truly smart home-automation system, with the aim of converting “standard homes into intelligent homes” – houses that can make decisions for themselves. Read more at IOT NETWORK NEWS

Arm launches dedicated processor for autonomous vehicles

SoftBank’s British chip-making giant Arm has launched what it describes as the “world’s first autonomous-class” processor for driverless vehicles. The Arm Cortex-A76AE has been designed exclusively for automotive applications. The processor is the first in Arm’s new Automotive Enhanced (AE) line and includes specific features for in-vehicle processing. Read more at IOT NETWORK NEWS

IDT acquired by Renesas for $6.7 billion, with focus on autonomous vehicles

Japanese semiconductor solutions provider Renesas has agreed to buy California-based Integrated Device Technology (IDT) for $6.7 billion. The move will leave the company well placed to provide a wide range of products that will be essential to self-driving vehicles. Renesas is a leading provider of embedded processors, while IDT specialises in sensors, connectivity, and wireless power. Together, the companies’ products are poised to...

Dell looks to blockchain to stay competitive in Indian server market

Dell has identified blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics, and cloud-compliance as key features that the firm will push forward with in order to retain its edge. According to the Economic Times India, Dell had the highest overall market share of the Indian server market in Q1 2018 at 28.3 percent, up from 19.4 percent in the previous quarter. Read more at CRYPTO WORLD NETWORK NEWS

75 major banks join blockchain payments network

More than 70 additional banks, including Société Générale and Santander, are joining the Interbank Information Network which JPMorgan, Royal Bank of Canada and ANZ have been trialling for 11 months to see if blockchain payments technology can speed up payments that have errors or require additional compliance checks. The idea is that a mutually-accessible ledger across banks would allow them to quickly resolve...

World-leading smart factories identified by World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has released a list of what it says are nine of the world’s smartest factories when it comes to adopting industrial IoT (IIoT) technologies. These ‘lighthouse’ facilities, as they are called by the WEF, have been selected from an initial list of some 1,000 manufacturing companies, based on their successful implementation of Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) thinking, in ways that have had...

Equinix adds direct connectivity to VMware Cloud on AWS

Colocation giant Equinix is once again expanding its hybrid IT offering by enabling direct connections to VMware Cloud on AWS from 24 of its IBX locations in Europe, North America and Asia. VMware vSphere users can now run their virtualized workloads alongside public cloud applications hosted on bare metal servers in AWS data centers, using the same software. Equinix customers can use the service regardless of their location, thanks to the...

Retail IoT: The new cashier-free stores transforming shopping

Cashier-free stores are shaping up to be the future of retail – but that future is likely to be led by China, as Jessica Twentyman reports. Could a combination of in-store cameras, artificial intelligence, smart-shelf sensors, and a handy mobile app, put an end to the irritation of waiting in line for the checkout? Zippin thinks it can. This week, the San Francisco start-up launched what it calls its “next-generation...

The crypto-powered Brave browser has 4 million monthly users

This means that in two months it added over 1 million users. The cryptocurrency-powered Brave browser, founded by Mozilla co-founder and JavaScript creator Brendan Eich, has recently reached 4 million monthly active users, 21,000 verified channels, and 26,000 publisher accounts. The data comes from a tweet published by Brendan Eich himself, who noted the browser’s team is set to work on integrating its basic attention token (BAT) on...

Nokia and Verizon claim another 5G first

Nokia and Verizon has teamed up to congratulate themselves on achieving another 5G first; the first successful transmission of a 3GPP New Radio (NR) 5G signal to a receiver situated in a moving vehicle. With the self-imposed deadlines for launching 5G services edging ever closer, Verizon has completed another incremental step in making the bufferless cat video world a reality. With two antennas set up in Nokia’s New Jersey campus,...

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