UK water utility implements advanced metering infrastructure

UK water utility Essex & Suffolk Water is working with digital technology provider Connexin to implement an Internet of Things (IoT) advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) to manage the rollout of smart water meters.

The agreement will see meters deployed across the Essex and Suffolk regions and it marks the third major smart water meter win for Connexin after Yorkshire Water and Severn Trent Water.

Meter-as-a-service solution

Connexin claims the IoT metering award is the largest of its kind in the UK water utility sector. The delivery of an end-to-end meter-as-a-service solution will cover smart water metering requirements across Essex and Suffolk, while also supporting Ofwat’s per capita consumption (PCC) and leakage targets. The water company has also committed to ensuring that all water meters are smart by 2035.

Installation of Connexin’s low-powered and long-range LoRaWAN network infrastructure will enable communications with Temetra’s Head End System (HES), sending data from smart water meters via the Connexin AMI network infrastructure to effectively analyse reports from across the network remotely in real-time.

Connexin will install 164,000 Itron water meters by the end of 2025, 612,000 meters by 2030 and up to one million meters in total by 2035.

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