Telehouse opens fifth Frankfurt data center

Telehouse opens fifth Frankfurt data center

Telehouse has launched and fully leased its fifth data center at its Frankfurt campus.

Known as building M, the latest data center adds 4.5MW of IT capacity and was opened in October. In the two months since, Telehouse has fully leased capacity at the facility.

Building M added 2,200 sqm (23,680 sq ft) of data center space over three floors to the campus, bringing its total to 50,000 sqm (538,195 sq ft). Telehouse is already exploring further expansion at the site.

Waste heat generated by all buildings on the campus will be used to supply a nearby residential area. The campus will be able to cover around 60 percent of the community’s energy use by providing heating and will only use around 2 percent of Telehouse’s waste heat.

The remainder of the heat will be fed into the district heating network from the combined heat and power plant of the Frankfurt-based utility company Manova.

“It’s particularly important for us to be able to combine efficiency, performance and safety with a contribution to environmental protection in the interest of our customers,” said Dr. Béla Waldhauser, managing director of Telehouse Deutschland.

“In this way, we are assuming responsibility both locally and globally.”

Telehouse launched a data center in Paris, France, in October 2023. That same month, the company shared plans to expand its South facility in London.

Owned by KDDI, Telehouse acquired three data centers in Toronto, Canada, from Allied Properties in June 2023. Telehouse was founded in 1998 and has data centers in London, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Paris, Marseille, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto.