New MareNostrum 5 supercomputer inaugurated in Barcelona

MareNostrum 5

The MareNostrum 5 supercomputer has been inaugurated in Barcelona, Spain, hosted by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

MareNostrum 5 has a peak performance of 314 petaflops and is set to be the greenest supercomputer in Europe, powered entirely by sustainable energy. The heat generated by the machine will be used to heat the building it is located in.

Last month, the MareNostrum 5 was placed eighth in the latest edition of the Top500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers.

In a statement, the European Commission described the machine as “one of the most innovative supercomputing systems in the world “, adding that the MareNostrum 5 has been specifically designed to help solve a number of complex scientific problems, and will be used to support research into drug and vaccine development in addition to carrying out virus spread simulations.

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