Flubot Spyware Spreading Through Android Devices

Android malware security

The malware is spreading rapidly through ‘missed package delivery’ SMS texts, prompting urgent scam warnings from mobile carriers.

Android mobile phone users across the U.K. and Europe are being targeted by text messages containing a particularly nasty piece of spyware called “Flubot,” according to the U.K.’s National Cyber Security Centre. And the U.S. could be the next target.

The malware is delivered to targets through SMS texts and prompts them to install a “missed package delivery” app. Instead, it takes victims to a scam website where they download the “app” — which is really just the spyware. Once installed, it then sets about gaining permissions, stealing banking information and credentials, lifting passwords stored on the device and squirreling away various pieces of personal information. It also sends out additional text messages to the infected device’s contact list, which allows it to “go viral” — like the flu.

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