Breaking down the AT&T/Dish network services deal

AT&T Dish deal

Dish Network and AT&T recently struck a $5 billion deal to move Dish’s wireless customer traffic — including customers of its Boost Mobile, Ting Mobile and Republic Wireless brands — to AT&T’s network, instead of Dish continuing the wholesale agreement that had been worked out to use T-Mobile US’ network as part of the settlements that allowed the T-Mo’s acquisition of Sprint to move forward. Dish has been feuding with T-Mobile US over the shutdown of T-Mo’s 3G network, which it said was premature and impacted its ability to successfully transition customers. Dish is in the process of building out its own network, but it is going to need wholesale network access — a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) arrangement — to support customers until it actually has a wireless network that can support them.

AT&T executives fielded a number of questions about the deal during the company’s quarterly results call.

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