Autonomous street sweeper pilot moves to Helsinki Airport

Finnish street maintenance technology developer Trombia Technologies is continuing its commercial pilot programme with the autonomous and electric Trombia Free street sweeper in Helsinki Airport.

It is running the trial with facility services company ISS Finland and is exploring how the robot street sweepers can support facilities maintenance work in busy closed areas such parking lots and industrial areas.

Waterless cleaning

Parking lots require special expertise from maintenance, as there are both parked and moving cars, pedestrians, building pillars and narrow parking spaces. As Trombia Free operates without using any water, the pilot will also focus on finding out how well it removes dust from the parking lots waterless.

“Airports are open basically 24/7 and to fill the needs of the global traveller, all areas from the parking lot to the terminal and to the gate need to fill high service levels safely and this can be a true sweet spot for autonomous maintenance. During the pilot we will work in continuous mode, meaning the robot will work in the areas also during the night,” said Antti Nikkanen, CEO of Trombia Technologies.

Trombia Free has already begun operating in the areas around Terminal 1 and the parking lot three.

“At ISS our purpose is to connect people and places to make the world work better. In a better working world innovations and technology help people to work, live and travel in a safe and comfortable way,” added Jukka Backlund, head of facility management product, ISS Finland.

“That is why ISS Finland is proudly participating in this project with Trombia Technologies. We are constantly looking for new innovations and finding solutions that make life easier, more productive, and meaningful for our customers and for our employees.”

During the 10 day-long pilot, companies claim the estimated carbon emissions saved will be around 26kg/h CO2.

“As we know we need to cut our carbon emissions heavily during the following years. Electric sweepers and other service robots can play a big role in revolutionising the environmental impact of maintenance,” said Nikkanen.

The pilot is part of “Multi-purpose Service Robotics as Operator Business” (Muro) project, run by European research institution, VTT and funded by Business Finland.



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