WDM SYSTEMS SUMMIT 2019 invitation

WDM SYSTEMS SUMMIT 2019 – organised for you by RLC Praha a.s. – introduces latest trends and news in the field of telecommunications, data centres, high-speed transmission data transmission, and cyber security. The biggest event of this spring, this event brings together professionals and specialists active in broad areas of the communications industry.

The conference is organized for all professionals, including providers of high-speed transmission and connections, data center owners, operators, and for all entities that could become targets of cyber-attacks.

More than 300 communications professionals are expected to attend, making this summit also a prime networking opportunity.

Date: 24.4.2019.

Location: PVA EXPO – Výstaviště Letňany, Praha 9

Information for WDM SUMMIT SYSTEMS 2019 visitors:

  • Entry price for the conference day, including refreshment, is 1200 CZK
  • Early-bird discounted entry price, for registration by 17.3.2019, is 1000 CZK
  • Discounts are available for groups, partners, and their guests

Please do not hesitate to contact us for details at: wdmsummit2019@rlc.cz


Themes for presentations / lectures:

Data Center Interconnections

Lectures will focus on WDM systems´ applications in principal interconnections between data centers, on economical transfers using 40G and 100G speeds over long distances, and on the issues of providing redundancy on different levels of interconnections.

  • Standards of 40G and 100G interfaces
  • Transceivers and compatibility
  • Economy of DWDM 100G in relation to 10G and 40G
  • Presentation of implemented solutions for interconnections

Application of the Cyber Security Act in the field of WDM transmissions

Act on Cyber Security and Change of Related Acts (No. 205/2017 Coll.).

  • Overview of requirements under the Act on Cyber Security for data encryption in optical networks
  • Encryption of high-speed transmissions on-line
  • Technical approach to (solutions of) encryption on DWDM devices
  • Redundancy and other ways of ensuring DWDM systems´ reliability

High-Speed Transmissions WDM 100G and 400G, Trends and Development of High-Speed Networks and 5G

  • Presentation of current trends in high-speed transmissions
  • Overview of evolution in the field of high-speed transmissions 200Gbit/s, 400Gbit/s, 1Tbit/s, modulation
  • DWDM and Super-channel
  • Off-Grid systems
  • 400Gbit/s transmission test

5G Technology and Networks and their security

  • Development of 5G Networks and development of their infrastructures
  • Security of 5G Networks and possibility of their misuse