Vaisala weather station aims to help cities build resilience

Vaisala, a specialist in weather, environmental, and industrial measurements, has launched a compact weather station aimed at cities, road authorities and industrial zones for weather and environmental monitoring.

According to Vaisala, whether assessing road conditions, air pollution, or other environmental challenges, the flexible and scalable Beam weather station empowers communities to leverage weather, environmental and road state observations to localise intelligence to fit their specific needs.

Denser observation networks

Beam is designed as a turnkey monitoring station that provides access to reliable information on air pollutants, solar radiation, flooding, snow depth, water level, visibility, road conditions, pavement temperature and current weather conditions.

Due to its small size, the Beam station can be deployed virtually anywhere. Vaisala claims in addition to “uncompromised measurement reliability”, the new station allows for stakeholders to deploy effectively denser observation networks which support the needs for increasing capabilities to understand weather and optimise processes accordingly. Beam station aggregates insights and delivers them directly to the customer’s back-end system. Select measurements can also be viewed via Vaisala’s cloud services.

“Our customers require more flexibility in the parameters they monitor and how the information is distributed, and we answered with the best-in-class Beam weather station,” said Paras Chopra, product manager at Vaisala.

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