SkedGo announces MaaS coverage across France

SkedGo is expanding its mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) offering to cover all of France, encompassing all internal regions.

It marks a major step in its aim to improve MaaS coverage across Europe and provide local and interregional service support across territories.

Mobility-as-a-service functionality

SkedGo’s TripGo app and products allow users to compare and even combine any transport mode like train, bus, taxi, subway, metro, cab, tram, your own or share car and bike, motorcycle or ride share.

It reports that this functionality is now extended to every corner of France, from cities to rural areas. This development caters to the growing demand from clients and opens the door to future interregional connectivity with neighbouring countries Belgium, Switzerland, and Germany.

“Completing our coverage in France is a testament to our commitment to making MaaS accessible and efficient across Europe,” said SkedGo’s CEO John Nuutinen. “This expansion not only broadens our footprint but also exemplifies our dedication to breaking down barriers in transportation, offering unprecedented mobility solutions to our users.”

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Image: SkedGo