Seoul launches first phase of its metaverse

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is officially launching the first service phase of its virtual municipal world, Metaverse Seoul.

It purports to be the first-ever platform of its kind globally, after having undergone a beta test of various administrative services such as economy, education, and tax affairs.

Metaverse Seoul

SMG said Metaverse Seoul is designed to provide various public services while focusing on “freedom, inclusion, and connection” as the three core values of the platform.

It aims to establish a hyper-realistic community space of creativity and communication that is accessible to all users for augmented experiences.

According to SMG, the core value of freedom focuses on establishing a community space where users can creatively express themselves and freely communicate with each other. Users can take advantage of public services 24/7 all year round and visit the virtual mayor’s office and library as well as play seasonal mini-games and participate in public contests.

Inclusion focuses on accessibility where users can interact as avatars without any barrier or discrimination. As a hyper-realistic space, users can access the Seoul Fintech Lab and Seoul Business Support Centre, as well as visit Seoul’s top 10 tourist attractions and more.

The value of connection focuses on building a virtual world that provides immersive experiences of reality for users to enjoy public services, such as students meeting with their mentors for virtual consultation as well as citizens filing civil complaints via chat, getting official documents issued, and paying their local taxes.

The platform has been built to act as a prototype but will also be promoted as an archetype for virtual municipal administration.