Seoul Digital Foundation launches metaverse office

Seoul has opened a metaverse office in its virtual reality public space, Gather Town.

According to Seoul Digital Foundation (SDF), the ‘office’ will be used when holding advisory conferences with lecturers or experts and for internal meetings with employees working from home.

Fourth industrial revolution

The SDF aims to apply key technologies of the fourth industrial revolution, like metaverse and artificial intelligence (AI), to administrative tasks. With a view to helping the South Korean capital improve competitiveness as a global smart city, the foundation plans to use metaverse in its entire work process.

The metaverse office will replicate the layout of the foundation’s headquarters in Sangam-dong. Weekly meetings will be held in the metaverse office at least once a month.

Employees working remotely can manage their attendance through the platform where they will appear as avatars and when ‘seated’ in the office their attendance will be registered.

Meanwhile, citizens will be able to connect to the link ( and explore the office with their avatar. SDF reports the office of the president, conference room, employee’s lounge, spotlight podium for announcements, and even promotional posters are recreated exactly the same in the metaverse office. The SDF plans to provide useful information to Seoul citizens via the metaverse platform going forward.