Reveal the Secret of the Deep in a debut title by independent Czech studio Esanti Games

Esanti Games Secret of the Deep

Czech independent studio Esanti Games has announced its first title in the prepared in-game universe, Secret of The Deep. Get on the path of a determined hero in this action adventure with a unique blend of RPG elements, hack-n-slash combat, and resource management. All wrapped in a gripping fantasy story about uncovering the whispering past, battling shadows, bringing hope to the hopeless, and light to the darkness. This single-player game will be available in Early Access on Steam in 2024.

Players get into the role of a nameless hero, brought back to life by Death itself, and thrust into a ravaged world plagued by darkness emerging from the depths below called the Deep.

Esanti Games Secret of the Deep game

The hero must repeatedly venture to this wretched place, fight through the hordes plagued by darkness and corruption, and collect resources that will aid him and the whole settlement. Managing gathered assets and preparing for battles proves crucial. Enhance your weapons and armor, and obtain magical abilities capable of piercing the dark abyss with light. Seek refuge from the oppressing horrors in the Bailey and help rebuild it while forming relationships with its residents. The sinister forces are trying to swallow them and you entirely, gnawing at your soul. Everything, even you, is shrouded in mysteries. Slash through this enigmatic veil engulfing all you see, and try not to lose yourself in the darkness.

Esanti Games logoKey features:

● Challenging Combat
● Strategic Resource Management
● Base-building
● Gripping fantasy story

Secret of the Deep Early Access will retail at 29.99 euros on Steam in 2024. In the future, those who buy the game in Early Access now will receive the remaining content up to full release for free. By purchasing a supporter’s edition called Keepers of the Deep for 39.99 euros, players will receive the base game, soundtrack, unique armor skin, tombstone of the Keeper (player’s name), and any future content without any further payment. This edition is limited only to preorders, and these in-game bonuses won’t be available in the future.

Esanti Games Secret of the Deep play

Esanti Games aims to fully immerse players in the Secret of the Deep story even during the game’s development phase. This approach allows players to contribute to the creation of the in-game universe actively, allowing them to leave their mark on the game. Through shared decisions made on one of the studio’s communication platforms or at events, Esanti will incorporate the resulting elements into various aspects of the game.

Bring light not only to the dark world of the Deep but to the game’s development. You have a unique opportunity to influence certain aspects of the gameplay content. You hold the light in your hands, and we will show you the power it can have.