Penguin tracking in Antarctica – u-blox supplies ultra compact, low-power GNSS unit

US-based Cellular Tracking Technologies (CTT), which makes IoT solutions for wildlife monitoring, has developed a solution with Swiss IoT module maker u-blox to track a penguin colony on Ross Island, in Antarctica. The company was tasked by US wildlife conservation organisation Point Blue to come up with an IoT tracker to enable scientists to track and monitor the diving and feeding behaviour of a large Adélie penguin colony on Ross Island, in Antarctica.

The Adélie penguin is one of only five species of penguins in Antarctica, and serves as a “recognized indicator species” for scientists, demonstrating sensitivity to shifts in climate and the environment. “Monitoring their population is thus crucial for assessing alterations in the marine ecosystem that can result from climate change and human activities like commercial fishing,” said a statement.

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