Nokia again rated by GlobalData as Managed Infrastructure Services leader

Nokia The business value of managed network operations

Nokia announced that is has been rated a “leader” in Managed Infrastructure Services by independent industry analyst firm GlobalData for the third consecutive time.

The report concluded that Nokia is a leader in applying AI/ML and webscale models to telecom network operations, as well as in security services and operational model transformation capabilities supported by Nokia’s WING IoT service platform.

In GlobalData’s annual assessment, Nokia was found to be ahead of competitors in incorporating public cloud integration into its operational capabilities. Additionally, Nokia network operations services was recognized as an innovator of new business models in the managed services area, driving efficiencies through AI and quality methodologies and experimenting with applying webscale models to carrier operations.

GlobalData also rated Nokia as a leader in proactive and predictive operations in multivendor environments due to its applied cognitive approaches powered by Nokia AVA’s AI use cases. Through its extensive managed services portfolio, Nokia enables broader service ecosystems that allows carriers to offer managed IoT and security solutions with faster time to market and lower risks and costs.

With customers across 55 countries, Nokia Managed Services supports more than 1 billion subscribers globally.

More information on GlobalData’s report can found here.

NOKIAAndy Hicks, Principal Analyst at GlobalData, said: “Nokia pushes the boundaries of technological and business model innovation and is consistently strong across a broad swath of network operations and design capabilities. It is also strong in white-labelled IoT and security services. The company has often been earlier than its peers in driving efficiencies through AI and quality methodologies, and experimenting with applying webscale models to carrier operations.”

Friedrich Trawoeger, Senior Vice President, Cloud and Cognitive Services at Nokia, said: “Various innovations have helped our customers with their digital transformation and 5G monetization journey. Our focus on AI, Security, IoT monetization, and multi-cloud are all ingredients that help do that. I am very proud that Global Data has again recognized Nokia as a leader in Managed Services.”