Legrand launches new Nexpand data center cabinet series

Legrand datacenter cabinet

The Nexpand cabinets have substantial design changes, based on customer inputs over two years, says Legrand.

As you would expect from a cabinet designed to hold a variety of IT equipment, the cabinets are adjustable. They also have a modular roof, and give space and flexibility for managing equipment at the top of the rack.

Again meeting basic requirements, Nexpand is light, and has a frame designed to be strong enough to bear the weight of the equipment it is intended to carry.

The doors are solid, and have electronic tamper-proof locks. They also have secure cable managment.

The new cabinet is built from “environmentally friendly” material, and provides airflow management which Legrand says gives a “best-in-class, energy-efficient solution”.

Source: datacenterdynamics.com