Hundreds of cities to deploy metaverse technology by 2030

Almost 700 cities will have deployed some form of metaverse infrastructure by 2030, according to global technology intelligence firm ABI Research.

In many cases, the technology will be used as an extension of existing urban digital twin platforms and solutions.

City governments and the metaverse

The research company said benefits for city governments include gaining political capital through enhanced citizen engagement and participation and significant cost-savings related to smarter and more effective urban infrastructure design, operations, and maintenance.

“Though metaverse is undeniably overhyped and steeped in vagueness, the urban context offers interesting value, generating use cases and applications, ranging from seamless interaction of citizens with eGovernment services, virtual tourism, smart infrastructure design, planning and development and urban workforce enablement and enhancement,” said Dominique Bonte, vice president, verticals and end markets at ABI Research.

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