Hiro develops rugged Edge micro data center boxes

Hiro Edge micro data center boxes

Dutch tech firm Hiro has created a solid state Edge box that can scale from 1.5kW to 500kW, and be installed indoors and outdoors.

The Edge Micro Data Centre (EMDC), created with PCB Design of Hungary, can include CPUs, GPUs, FPGAs and NVMe media, and need little maintenance and no cooling energy.

The boxes are aimed at hospitals where Big Data and AI training is needed, and data has to be moved and handled without leaving the hospital environment, as well as other settings. In hospitals, Hiro hopes that such boxes can handle large data sets and use AI to detect and cure cardiovascular diseases, cancer, tumours, and other complex disorders.

To reduce power losses, the boxes use 48V DC power distribution, instead of 12V DC. Voltage is converted from 48V to 12V when needed, using power modules from Vicor.

Hiro is also working on the EU’s €16 million ($18m) BRAINE project (Big data pRocessing and Artificial Intelligence at the Network Edge), which will have four test-bed locations across Europe, in the Netherlands, Italy, and Hungary, for assisted living, smart city, Industry 4.0 robotics and Supply Chain 4.0.

Source: datacenterdynamics.com