GSA reports 176 mobile carriers have already deployed 5G in 72 countries

GSA 5G research

A total of 176 operators in 72 countries had already launched one or more 3GPP-compliant 5G services, according to the latest update from the Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA).

By mid-August 2021, 461 operators in 137 countries were investing in 5G, including trials, acquisition of licenses, planning, network deployment and launches, GSA said.

The entity also noted that 166 operators in 67 countries have launched 3GPP-compliant 5G mobile services, while 63 operators in 34 countries had launched 3GPP-compliant 5G FWA or home broadband services. Five operators had announced soft launches of their 5G networks that are not counted in the above launch figures, GSA said.

Thirteen operators have launched commercial public 5G Standalone networks, while 45 others are planning or deploying 5G SA for public networks, and 23 operators are involved in tests and trials.

Among the GSA’s other findings:

-GSA has tracked 938 announced 5G devices, up by 350 from 588 in six months.

-GSA has identified 450 announced 5G phones, up from 351 in January 2021.

-There are at least 608 commercially available 5G devices, up more than 66% in six months.

Earlier this month, GSA said that it is tracking at least 370 companies around the world that have been or are investing in private mobile networks, with 5G deployments beginning to gain momentum.

The number includes trials and pilot deployments, commercial network launches or investment in licenses that would enable deployment of private LTE or 5G networks. GSA has identified 45 countries with private network deployments based on LTE or 5G or where 5G-suitable private network spectrum licenses have been assigned.

GSA is also reporting that while LTE still accounts for the majority of private mobile networks deployments, the market share of 5G is growing. LTE is being used in 64% of the identified private mobile networks, down from 81% in October 2020, in contrast to 5G — which is now being deployed (or planned for deployment) in 44% of private mobile networks, including 8% which are both LTE and 5G.

The GSA’s data suggests that manufacturing is an early adopter of local area private mobile networks, with 79 identified companies holding suitable licenses or involved in known pilots or deployments of LANs or probable LANs. Mining follows second, with ports also actively trialing/deploying local area private mobile networks.


Picture: Freepik