GenH2 offers mobile liquid hydrogen source for data center tests

GenH2 offers mobile liquid hydrogen source for data center tests

US hydrogen infrastructure player GenH2 has produced a mobile liquid hydrogen plant, aimed at industrial test applications.

The LS20 mobile liquid hydrogen system is an end-to-end liquefication and storage system, designed for transportation and energy backup applications. It is deployed where needed as a trailer, and has an output of up to 20kg of liquid hydrogen per day (the equivalent of around 666kWh of energy).

The mobile liquefaction unit can be deployed where needed, to support pilot projects and tests for applications such as data centers, says GenH2. It can also be delivered as a lab unit.

Hydrogen has been proposed as a way to store energy while allowing excess renewable power to be captured and delivered where needed. In July 2022, Microsoft produced a 3MW backup system with equivalent performance to today’s diesel generators using two shipping containers of hydrogen fuel cells. Toyota and NREL have announced plans for a 1MW fuel cell backup, and Equinix is also experimenting with the technology in Singapore.

The LS20 is aimed at hydrogen researchers and potential industrial customers, and has the capacity to produce hydrogen on demand when and where it is needed. It produces between two and 20kg of liquid hydrogen per day, which contains nearly 2400 Megajoules, the equivalent of 666kWh of energy. This would be enough to back up a 330kW facility for two hours.

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