ESG tool aims to automate energy and sustainability reporting of buildings

Organisations in France, Germany, Norway, Spain, and the UK can now access the global environmental, social and governance (ESG) tool, Building Insights, from US-based Atrius, which aims to help facility teams reach their sustainability goals.

Building Insights is a cloud-based solution energy management information system that streamlines access to energy consumption metrics, automates manual data management processes, and enhances visibility into overall building performance.

Time-intensive processes

Writing in a blog, Building Insights product manager Christine Li highlights that, according to professional services firm Ernst & Young, there are some 600 variations on how organisations report on sustainability efforts worldwide.

She added: “Major environmental initiatives such as the Climate Pledge and the recent Cop26 conference are driving greater demand for accountability and thus reporting on overall progress towards goals. But the availability and scope of the tools necessary to create and share organisational ESG status are insufficient.

“Sustainability and energy reporting are still manual and time-intensive processes.”

According to Atrius, by using Building Insights, organisations can gain a more comprehensive understanding of how energy flows through spaces. It automates the monitoring of different systems and schedules while accounting for time zone variances processes and instantly alerts users to unwanted variances so they can take corrective steps.

It also helps to embed ESG into the culture of organisation with a Storyboard feature that provides context to corporate-level mandates.

“While the need for sustainability reporting continues to increase worldwide, much remains to be done about how we standardise and centralise the data which teams rely on to optimise resource usage,” said Sandeep Modhvadia, vice president of product management, Acuity Brands, the parent company of Atrius.

“Atrius Building Insights gives customers a holistic view of their portfolio performance at a global scale. Our goal is to enable organisations to focus on meeting and elevating their goals, ultimately effecting positive climate change.”

Building Insights capabilities also include the ability to integrate with local utility providers, personalise language within the platform, display local currency and costs, and specify metric or imperial as units of measurement.