Chinese unicorn launches environmental and social smart city tool

Chinese unicorn company Sensoro, which specialises in internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, is launching an environmental, social and governance (ESG) solution for cities.

It has been benchmarked for smart city development in the Chinese city of Yichang, Hubei Province.

Intelligent approach

Sensoro said it seeks to harness the power of the IoT and AI to direct urban construction towards a more low-carbon, energy-saving, efficient and intelligent approach using smart data solutions in traditional industries and economic development.

Its end-to-end, integrated IoT- and AI-based system includes smart sensing terminals, IoT communication base stations, chips and edge computing servers and a global data visualisation service platform.

The system encompasses a range of applications and, in Yichang, has been instrumental in areas such as Covid-19 prevention and control, weather monitoring and early warning, ecological protection for the Yangtze River, care for vulnerable groups, inclusive medical care, animal welfare protection and waste classification.

Its early warning system is based on monitoring of urban flood risk areas, enabling better disaster preparedness and emergency response, while its ecological systems are able to recognise different fishing scenarios, such as electric fishing and net fishing, providing accurate information on illegal fishing activity.

Dazhong Tao, a local resident in Yichang, said the high-tech solutions have provided citizens “with enormous convenience in our everyday life” and has made it easier to access health services.

Sensoro CEO, Tony Zhao, said the company hopes to use the ESG solution as a guide to offer more digital solutions for the environment, society and governance and added: “We are willing to work with partners in various industries to build a more environmentally friendly, safer, liveable and smart city.”

“Furthermore, we have already witness such changes taking place now. Changes will continue to happen in the future.”

In December 2021, Sensoro announced it had chosen Graphcore systems to deliver the AI compute behind its systems. One of the main AI models used by Sensoro running on Graphcore IPUs is Yolo, which stands for “you only look once”, a neural network for real-time object detection.