Vodafone, Eseye, G+D, Thales rank a ‘champs’ for IoT and eSIM services

Kaleido Intelligence eSIM Iot

Market research firm Kaleido Intelligence has reviewed a bunch of cellular IoT providers for the supply of connectivity management platforms (CMP), eSIM connectivity, and eSIM subscription management – and ranked Vodafone, Eseye, G+D, and Thales as the best in the business. Vodafone was rated ‘champion’ for CMP; Eseye was rated the same for eSIM connectivity; G+D and Thales shared the title for ‘champion’ eSIM management provider.

The firm said it studied the cellular IoT connectivity market for four months, running various primary and secondary research (demos, questionnaires, interviews, briefings) to rank 39 companies in total. It said it categorised vendors based on their product excellence, market positioning, problem-solving, innovation prowess, plus their “ability to align with current market needs and future demands”.

In total, it handed out ‘champion’ scores (12+ out of 15) to 12 vendors, with Vodafone, Eseye, G+D, and Thales ranked highest of them. It listed them all: Airlinq, Cisco, MAVOCO, Soracom, and Telefonica Tech for their CMP offerings; Pod Group (part of G+D) and Tata Communications for eSIM connectivity; and IDEMIA for eSIM subscription management. A further 22 vendors were recognised as ‘high-flyers’ (10-12/15).

Source: rcrwireless.com