Vector Atomic launches rack-mounted atomic clock

Vector Atomic

Vector Atomic has launched a rack-mounted atomic clock.

The company this week announced the launch of Evergreen-30, which it said is the world’s first fully integrated commercial optical atomic clock.

The EG-30 offers 25 femtosecond stability (0.000000000000025 s) at one second, and multiday, sub-nanosecond holdover.

The 3U package fits standard server racks, and orders have been taken for advanced production units to be delivered in early 2024. Vector Atomic said it plans a broader launch of EG-30 later in 2024.

The company said the appliance can support applications including GNSS resilience, data center synchronization, coherent radar, quantum computing, and optical metrology.

“After we posted our results to ArXiv, customers reached out eager to get their hands on these clocks. So we’re accelerating production to deliver an advanced batch,” said Vector Atomic CEO Jamil Abo-Shaeer.

Chief engineer Marty Boyd added: “Our customers have the most stringent timing requirements in the market, making them very knowledgeable. It’s gratifying that they’re putting their trust in us. It’s been a tremendous effort by our team to achieve these performance levels at this size and we’re excited to see our customers benefit from Evergreen.”

Founded in 2018, California-based Vector develops optical atomic clocks for precision timing.

Optical clocks use light, rather than microwaves, to keep time. Vector says this can potentially help improve commercial timekeeping from the nanosecond to the picosecond, as previously optical clocks were too large, costly, and sensitive for data center deployments.