Twitter Rolls Out Keyword Search for DMs

Twitter DM search

Twitter has finally launched keyword search for DMs, providing a means to locate specific mentions within any DM text, so you can track down past conversations, products and people mentioned, links shared, etc.

Twitter’s updates DM search options now filter your queries into four segments:

  • All – Which displays all the results for your query, including username and key term matches
  • People – Highlights relevant usernames based on your search term
  • Groups – Shows group chats that use your search term
  • Messages – Which now displays any keyword matches in specific DMs

That’ll make it a lot easier to scan through your DMs, and will provide more functionality for using DMs in a broader range of ways, especially for customer service and chasing up past responses and engagements.

The project has been in the works for over a year, with Debugger reporting last March that Twitter was looking to roll out DM keyword search. Up till now, you’ve only been able to search your DMs by username – which is helpful, but doesn’t give you the full capacity to look up relevant mentions and terms within your private messages.

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