Tencent planning third data center in Japan

Japan city

Tencent Holdings plans to open a third data center in Japan.

Nikkei reports the Chinese eCommerce and cloud giant is planning a new facility amid increased cloud services demand for online games and livestreaming.

“We are considering a third site for a data center,” Poshu Yeung, senior vice president for Tencent’s international cloud operations told the publication. “We have the experience, so this won’t take much time.”

Tencent currently operates 24 availability zones across 12 regions outside of mainland China. The company first announced plans to enter Japan in 2018, and launched a facility in Tokyo the following year. It added a second facility in Japan last year.

All of the major cloud providers have a presence in Japan. Microsoft has two Japanese Azure regions – Tokyo and Osaka – that both launched in 2014. AWS launched a Tokyo region in 2011, with an Osaka-based region opening last year. Google launched its first Japanese region in Tokyo in 2016, with Osaka coming in 2019. Oracle’s regions in the two cities came in 2019 and 2020. Alibaba launched a Tokyo region in 2016.

The company recently completed a major migration project to move a number of its consumer-facing applications – inducing WeChat, QQ, and Tencent Video – onto its own cloud.

Source: datacenterdynamics.com