Singapore launches first LoRaWan sensor network

SPTel, a joint venture company of ST Engineering and SP Group, has launched what it claims is Singapore’s first sensor network powered by LoRaWan for business applications and government projects.

Leveraging SPTel’s pervasive hubs in Singapore, SPTel reports its Sensor Network is a network built for national scale starting with the heartlands to increase the accessibility of IoT technologies and sensors for business applications, government projects and Smart Nation initiatives.

Backhaul connectivity

The SPTel Sensor Network allows authenticated sensor devices to wirelessly connect to its secure IoT-as-a-service platform and backhaul connectivity. Instead of investing to build their own network, businesses and IoT solution providers can connect to this network with “ease, speed and cost efficiency”, which was not possible previously.

Data collected from LoRaWan sensors can be sent for analysis to automate manual processes, enable predictive maintenance, increase productivity, and improve overall operational efficiency.

“The SPTel Sensor Network is a great leap towards a comprehensive and reliable offering for IoT solution providers. Businesses can tap on this ready infrastructure to jumpstart their IoT applications in a fast, flexible, and affordable manner,” said Titus Yong, CEO, SPTel.

The LoRaWan gateways, which run on solar energy, are also cost efficient and fast to deploy. LoRaWan is a long-range, bi-directional communication protocol with very low power consumption.

According to SPTel, this makes it a highly sustainable solution for the long-term deployment of sensors and a boost to scale massive deployment of potential smart solutions quickly such as asset tracking, street lighting, waste management, water level and flood management, air quality control and rodent monitoring system in hawker centres and wet markets which enable targeted and effective pest control.

SPTel reports these are but some of the use cases which will herald not only a new era of business management efficiency in environment and building management, but also improve citizens’ lives in the areas of public health and services.

Sensor Network coverage currently extends to more than 70 per cent of heartlands, 42 per cent hawker centres, 52 per cent town councils, and will continue to expand to meet the growing needs of partners and customers.

“With the assurance that gateways are implemented on ultra-secure critical infrastructure locally and on a robust end-to-end IoT-as-a-Service platform, there is peace of mind over data sovereignty and security, added Yong.

“Businesses and government agencies can focus on ramping up their digitalisation efforts towards IoT adoption nationwide. Besides being another step forward in our digital roadmap, this new solution places us in a strong position to capture growth opportunities from growing IoT demands.”

SPTel is a joint venture company of ST Engineering and SP Group. SPTel uses fibre pathways that combine leased SP Group infrastructure and owned fibre pipes, laid alongside the power network cables.