Seoul expands real-time urban data service for citizens

The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced that it has expanded its real-time urban data service with the potential to link with digital technologies including virtual reality (VR) and the metaverse.

The city has extended services to include information on not just population density and traffic congestion, but also cultural events and other location-based services.

Population density

According to SMG, as a result, a tourist visiting Seoul was able to check the status of population density and traffic congestion before visiting Deoksugung-gil and Jeongdong-gil, which were scheduled to be crowded by noon, and decided to visit in the morning instead.

Also, a developer working on a new metaverse platform decided to create a virtual environment of Gwanghwamun Square linked to real-time pedestrian and road traffic as well as the weather using the open API of Seoul Open Data.

Based on the open data made accessible to the public, citizens and tourists are now able to enjoy the convenience of checking the locations and schedules of cultural events as well as the availability and locations of EV charging stations.

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