Samsung confirms ransomware attack

Samsung ransomware attack

Samsung confirmed a breach of its internal computer systems, which may be connected to other high-profile ransomware attacks at Nvidia and the Brazil Ministry of Health. The group, called Lapsus$, allegedly took source code for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy smartphones. What’s more, the 190 GB data leak from Samsung also apparently involves confidential data from Qualcomm.

Samsung confirmed the intrusion as a “security breach,” but underscored in a statement that no customer or employee data was compromised as a result. The group claimed responsibility on Telegram, the encrypted message service, according to reports – verifying with examples of stolen source code.

The news comes days after Lapsus$ was identified in another breach – this one involving Nvidia Corp. Lapsus$ leaked Nvidia source code online after demanding the company open-source the drivers for its graphics processors and disable a cryptocurrency mining performance limiter.