Rubicon rolls out smart waste services to more US cities

Smart waste company Rubicon reports it has added 11 more US cities to a list of municipalities using its technology to help run core city operations, with a focus on solid waste collection.

This adoption is led by new city customers including Rochester, New York; Surprise, Arizona; High Point, North Caroline; Newton, Massachusetts; Rockville, Maryland; Galveston, Texas; Cleveland Heights, Ohio; Dubuque, Iowa; North Platte, Nebraska; and Winchester, Virginia.

Waste collection operations

According to Rubicon, these cities run essential waste collection operations servicing nearly one million people combined across the core urban and suburban fabric of the US. Rubicon’s smart technology for government fleets is helping these cities to:

Transition from manual, paper-based processes to fully digital operations
Balance waste and recycling routes to provide equitable service frequency to residents
Reduce missed pickups and unnecessary go-backs
Save money by improving operational efficiency and enhancing customer service.

With newly created digital routes in place, each city will be able to closely monitor route performance, identify areas where waste and recycling services can be improved, and make data-driven decisions to enhance operational efficiency and better serve their communities.

In 2022, Rubicon claims it digitised 2,734 routes and serviced 2.7 million customers with its SmartCity-equipped trucks, including 906,493 new city customers.

In the same period, the implementation of Rubicon’s technologies helped cities eliminate 2.9 million sheets of paper and log 614,000 exceptions, with bins “not out” compromising 70 per cent of all exceptions. Other exceptions included extra materials left out, blocked bins, overflowing bins, and recycling contamination.

“We are thrilled to partner with these 11 cities to help them transition to a more sustainable and efficient waste and recycling operation,” said Conor Riffle, senior vice president of smart cities at Rubicon.

“These cities provide essential services for their communities, and we are proud to help them make data-driven decisions to improve route efficiency and enhance their residential waste and recycling services.”

RubiconSmartCity is a proprietary, cloud-based technology suite that aims to help local governments run faster, smarter, with more effective waste, recycling, and heavy-duty municipal fleet operations.

Rubicon claims it helps existing government-owned fleets improve neighbourhood streetscapes by monitoring vehicle health, improving driver behaviour, and ensuring that materials are collected efficiently, resulting in fewer vehicle accidents, less road wear, and safer communities.