Nvidia launches AI Foundations Cloud Services for enterprises to tune generative AI models

Nvidia AI Foundations Cloud Services

Nvidia has launched three services aimed at helping enterprises use generative AI foundation models.

The Nvidia AI Foundations platform includes the NeMo language service, Picasso image, video and 3D service, and the scientific text-focused BioNeMo.

The services allow enterprises to build proprietary, domain-specific, generative AI applications.

“Generative AI is driving the fast adoption of AI and reinventing countless industries,” said Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of Nvidia. “Nvidia AI Foundations let enterprises customize foundation models with their own data to generate humanity’s most valuable resources — intelligence and creativity.

The NeMo and Picasso services run on Nvidia DGX Cloud, with NeMo consisting of models of varying sizes — from eight billion to 530 billion parameters. Those models, trained on Nvidia’s supercomputers, will be updated with additional training data.

NeMo and Picasso come as six elements: pre-trained models, frameworks for data processing, vector databases and personalization, optimized inference engines, APIs, and support from Nvidia staff to help enterprises tune models for their custom use cases.

“Large language models (LLM) offer us the ability to collect insightful data from highly complex structured and unstructured content at a larger scale while prioritizing data quality and speed,” Shariq Ahmad, head of data collection technology at Morningstar, said.

“Our quality framework includes a human-in-the-loop process that feeds into model retuning to ensure that we produce increasingly high-quality content. Morningstar is using NeMo in its data collection research and development on how LLMs can scan and summarize information from sources such as financial documents to quickly extract market intelligence.”

For Picasso, Nvidia said that it was partnering with Adobe, Getty Images, and Shutterstock.

Source: datacenterdynamics.com