Malaysia aims to cover 50% of rural areas with 5G by mid-2024

Malaysia city 5G

The government of Malaysia aims to ensure at least half of rural areas in the country have access to 5G coverage by mid-2024, local press reported. Deputy prime minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi also said the government will guarantee that no less than 85% of rural areas obtain 5G coverage by the end of next year.

“The remaining 15% might be mountainous areas and so on that may be quite difficult to reach. We are carrying out this coordination because we feel that rural folks deserve it also. We don’t want when trying to get access to the internet, they have to climb up trees to get coverage. So, this must be avoided… although difficult, we can do it,” the official said.

Last month, Digital Nasional Berhad (DNB) — Malaysia’s sole wholesale 5G network operator — said its 5G network coverage had reached 68.8% of populated areas in the country, adding that it was on track to achieve 80% coverage by the beginning of next year.

DNB was set up by the Malaysian government in 2021 as a special purpose vehicle to develop the country’s 5G network infrastructure, which private telecommunications firms would use to offer 5G services to their customers. DNB partnered with Swedish telecoms giant Ericsson to roll out Malaysia’s 5G network.

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