Lacuna Space, Wyld Networks partner to roll-out global satellite solutions for the IoT market

Lacuna Space, the provider of global satellite connectivity for the Internet of Things (IoT) announces their partnership with Wyld Networks. Their agreement allows Wyld to transfer data from its low-power, sensor-to-satellite LoRaWAN terminals and modules through Lacuna’s network of Low Earth Orbiting (LEO) and Mid Earth Orbiting (MEO) satellites for IoT applications where there is little or no alternative connectivity. Wyld Networks will resell data from the existing and planned Lacuna constellation of satellites.

“We are delighted to be working with Wyld, who perfectly complement Lacuna’s go-to-market strategy. Lacuna focuses on core networking technology and satellite operations, while our channel partners such as Wyld lead customer engagement and on-boarding” says Jonathan Pearce, CCO at Lacuna Space. “The compelling proposition of Wyld’s extensive customer base, innovative sensor solutions and cloud-based Fusion platform will accelerate our roadmap to meet massive global IoT demand”.

Lacuna Space operates a growing constellation of their own LEO satellites, plus aggregates coverage of third-party constellations including MEO infrastructure. A further twelve LEO satellites are planned to launch starting in 2023 with a long-term ambition to build a constellation of up to 240 LEO satellites.

“Lacuna Space shares our vision of LoRaWAN connected satellite IoT” says Alastair Williamson, CEO at Wyld Networks. “This new partnership, adding to our existing satellite partner, will play an important part in our operational launch later this year in increasing our satellite coverage and offering our customers an end-to-end solution including a data service”.

With 100% global coverage, low-cost satellite connectivity opens a new era for IoT applications in remote areas from agriculture and environmental monitoring, supply chain and logistics tracking, to managing energy and utilities infrastructure.

Lacuna is now inviting other satellite service/IoT solutions providers to resell this hugely scalable network resource and take advantage of ultra-low wholesale price points.


Picture: Lacuna Space


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