Is this the future of express freight?

Transportation and technology licensing company HyperloopTT has unveiled details of HyperloopTT Express Freight, its new innovative freight transport capsule system. The system has been illustrated in this animated video.

The system was designed in collaboration with design consultancy Tangerine and is based on four key drivers: loading freight as fast as possible; integrating with existing infrastructure; maximising freight volume inside capsules; and being flexible enough to cater to different customer demands.

Hyperloop feasibility study

In HyperloopTT’s Great Lakes Hyperloop Feasibility Study from 2020 conducted by the firm Transportation Economics Management, it was determined that an express freight option for hyperloop would be cheaper than air and truck options, while delivering goods faster and more sustainably. Hyperloop Express Freight is entering an industry which is forecast to grow from $260bn in 2020 to more than $484bn in 2030.

HyperloopTT Express Freight will enable fast onboarding of freight with staggered doors for simultaneous loading/unloading, double doors on both sides, and the energy-efficient Collins Rollerball loading/unloading system. It will integrate with existing infrastructure by retaining the DockLock principle from HyperloopTT’s passenger capsules.

Freight volume is maximised inside the capsule by lowering the floor to fit standard air cargo containers, adding a pocket door between structural ribs for more internal space, while also using a hyperloop load device.

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