GSA: 5G device base continues to grow

iPhone 5G

There are at least 468 5G devices commercially available around the world, according to a new update from the Global mobile Suppliers Association, up more than 7% in the past month and up nearly 30% since January of this year. A total of 756 5G devices have been announced. Those figure includes regional variants but not operator-rebranded devices.

There are 387 5G phones that have been announced, of which at least 330 are commercially available – an increase of 32 newly available devices just within the past month, the organization reported.

The second-largest category of announced devices are Fixed Wireless Access customer premise equipment, which account for 135 announced devices — although only 54 are currently commercially available, perhaps hinting at a surge in FWA equipment to come as operators continue to extend the coverage of their 5G networks.

The third-largest device category is 5G-capable modules, of which 92 have been announced. Other categories include industrial gateways/routers (38 announced), hot spots (37 announced), 15 5G laptops and 15 5G tablets.

“We can expect the device ecosystem to continue to grow quickly,” the GSA said, adding that ” Based on vendors’ previous statements and recent rates of device release, we might expect to see the number of commercial devices surpassing the 500 mark by the end of Q2 2021.”