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Every PC gaming enthusiast spends the most time with one hand on the mouse and the other on the keyboard. Whether you focus on FPS titles, RPG, strategy or MOBA games, you will always need these two peripherals to be the best. Today, we will focus on the GENESIS THOR 401 RGB mechanical keyboard, which will please especially players who want to be seen and at the same time do not want to discount their technical requirements.

Genesis Thor 401 RGB side

Nordic god at the disco

Genesis Thor 401 RGB wheelFirst of all, let’s take a look at how the THOR 401 RGB keyboard actually looks. As its name suggests, everything here will revolve around RGB effects and lots of lights that will give your game lair the right distinctive character. By default, the wheel, which can be found in the upper right corner of the keyboard, is used to check the backlight. You can adjust its intensity and preset effects, which is quite a practical solution for those, who do not want to drill in the keyboard every time they get tired of their current settings.

Genesis Thor 401 RGB softwareFor more complicated work with the backlight, you can also check out software from the manufacturer, which offers full control over how each key is lit. For example, if you want only the letters WSAD to lights on and each one in a different color, this is not a problem at all. Except for the backlight control wheel, you will also find multimedia buttons, which will be used mainly by players listening to music while playing. Of course, easier media control will generally come in handy for everyone. The basis here are three smaller buttons of basic functions, which are in charge of pause / play and skipping or returning songs. You can then use the F1-F12 keys to further control the media.

No gaming marathon is taboo

The keys have a pleasant response rate and you will feel every action on them. The keyboard works without any problems not only when playing, but also during everyday work, so if you are looking for something more versatile and games are not your only passion, THOR 401 will definitely not disappoint you. A wrist pad also helps to comfort, eliminating uncomfortable hand-laying on the tabletop during long gaming marathons.

Genesis Thor 401 RGB

Impakt logoPlayers will certainly be pleased that the THOR 401 ghosting works without any problems, so even in tense and chaotic moments it will not happen to you that some of your inputs would go unanswered. Speaking of the response, it stays at eight milliseconds, which is such an average in the case of gaming keyboards, so we can’t talk about turning in any direction, on the other hand it’s a standard for a clear reason and that’s what it will be for you cool enough.

Genesis Thor 401 RGB bottom


Genesis logoOverall, GENESIS THOR 401 RGB is a solid competitor in the gaming keyboard market, which does not lag behind in terms of functionality. It will definitely please you with its adaptability, and if you put it not only on the pragmatic use of the keyboard, but also on the cool look, which can be customized, this piece is exactly for you.


After all our keyboard tests, we are satisfied, although the buttons have a standard response of 8 ms. But it’s nice to have a rotating multifunction button, leading edge of the first row of buttons, magnetic wrist pad… simply functionality and design really worked, so per the AVERIA TECHLAB team we give the full number of 5 stars.

Martin Havel, ALL4GAMERS Editor

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