Fully-Chinese made supercomputer for AI training reportedly unveiled in Wuhan

datacenter supercomputer

China Telecom has reportedly used entirely Chinese-made components and technology to build a supercomputer for AI training.

According to Chinese news outlet ITHome, the machine, based in Wuhan at the Central Intelligent Computing Center, has the ability to train LLMs with trillions of parameters. If true, the machine would rival the Frontier supercomputer, the California-based machine that has officially been recognized as the world’s fastest supercomputer by the Top500 list.

A Google-translated version of the report said the machine also includes an “advanced independent liquid-cooled intelligent computing cluster” that circulates from the chip to the server, to the cabinet and provides a PUE of under 1.15 in all scenarios.

ITHome stated that China Telecom has built a number of multi-point intelligent computing centers across the country, with a total intelligent compute power of 5,000 petaflops.

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Image: Pixabay