“Flying” electric taxi boat debuts in Venice

The zero-carbon footprint P-8 Voyager from Candela carries six passengers and two crew and has been developed to replace the world’s fleets of smaller and fast combustion engine passenger craft.

A flying electric boat from Stockholm-based electric leisure boat manufacturer Candela has been unveiled in Venice.

The zero-carbon footprint P-8 Voyager carries six passengers and two crew. Built in Sweden it features Candela’s computer-guided foils, or underwater wings, that reportedly reduce energy consumption by 80 per cent compared to traditional motorboats.

Environmentally friendly

Erik Eklund, Candela’s chief executive of commercial vessels, said the company wanted to make a “no-compromise” electric exploration vessel that has virtually no negative impact on the environment.

Conventional speedboats have combustion engines and, as their hulls displace water, waves are formed that erode shorelines and can damage sensitive ecosystems such as coral reefs. Other problems are oil spills, emissions, and sound pollution.

The wake – or water displaced by the boats – of P-8 Voyager is only 5cm high due to the efficiency of its hydrofoils, Candela reports. The P-8 is designed to glide above the friction of the water and draws only about 25kW from its Candela C-Pod motor when cruising at 20 knots.

The hydrofoils are the key to achieving long range and high speed in electric boats – the P-8 Voyager claims to have two to three times longer range than other electric speedboats. The boat can travel at 30 knots and has a range of 50 nautical miles at cruise speed. It reportedly doesn’t have to slow down for waves either and claims that four-foot swells will be hardly noticeable for passengers.

P-8 Voyager has been developed specifically to replace the world’s fleets of smaller and fast combustion engine passenger craft such as yacht tenders, taxis and rigid inflatable boats.

Candela is known for its hydrofoiling electric vessels, which include the Candela C-8 leisure boat, which is also debuting in Venice, and the Candela P-30 all-electric passenger ship used on Stockholm’s waterways.

Source: smartcitiesworld.net


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