FCC approves seven AFCs for 6 GHz

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Setting the stage for standard-power use of the unlicensed 6 GHz band, the Federal Communications Commission has officially approved seven applicants for automated frequency coordination (AFC) systems.

Systems from Qualcomm, Broadcom, Comsearch, Federated Wireless, Sony, Wi-Fi Alliance and the Wireless Broadband Alliance were all approved and can now move forward with managing spectrum access by Wi-Fi devices in the band.

“Automatic Frequency Coordination system operational approvals mark a major milestone for widespread deployment of unlicensed operations in the 6 GHz spectrum band and for the unlicensed ecosystem overall,” said FCC Chief Engineer Ron Repasi. “6 GHz standard power and fixed client device deployments under AFC control will expand access to new technology, applications and services. This is an exciting time for the industry, and for American consumers and business.”

When the FCC opened the 6 GHz band for unlicensed use, the FCC stipulated two types of operations: Low-power indoor operations and standard power operations. In order to avoid interference with incumbent fixed microwave systems and radio astronomy at a limited number of observatories, standard power access points and fixed client devices have to operate under the control of AFC systems in two portions of the band: The U-NII-5 band at 5.925-6.425 GHz and the U-NII-7 band at 6.525-6.875 GHz.

The FCC originally received 14 applications for AFC systems and had conditionally approved 13 of those; the 14th application, from Amdocs, with withdrawn. Now seven of them have received full approval.

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Image: Pixabay