DB Schenker tests NearMe platform

DB nearMe

DB Schenker is the world’s first logistics service provider testing an innovative digital recruiting platform, called NearMe, which is being tested at two of its US sites. The online portal automatically generates notifications about flexible job vacancies within the company, and updates this information on a daily basis. This will make it much easier to fill open positions and attract skilled workers who seek flexible work assignments.

Accordingly, the target groups are returning employees as well as new recruits who are interested in shift-based part-time positions at the company. Candidates can register, add information about their qualifications to their account on the platform and specify their preferred working times. Based on this information, the system generates and displays a list of job opportunities that match the respective qualifications, which they can then select. This platform model will allow a faster recruitment and shift booking process as well as increase workforce planning process efficiencies. Given the staff shortage within the logistics sector, the platform also opens opportunities to tap into new target groups and enlarge the candidate pool for those who seek work beyond the regular 8-hour shifts.

Thomas Schulz, Global Chief Human Resources Officer at Schenker AG, said, “DB Schenker’s NearMe platform helps us to attract qualified staff and retain them by offering flexible shift models. This way, we can optimize our recruiting and shift planning processes, increase our resource efficiency and offer a better service quality.” The project was conceptualized in the Global HR Innovation department.

By implementing the new platform, which complements traditional recruiting and sourcing models, DB Schenker will be able to efficiently optimize their operational cost models, especially temp labour agency fees. With NearMe, DB Schenker positions itself as a trailblazer in the logistics sector and plans to offer the same service to other parts of the business besides warehouse work, a concept for truck drivers will follow.