Alice & Bob quantum processor available on Google Cloud Marketplace

A QPU from Alice & Bob

Quantum computing firm Alice & Bob has made its quantum process available to customers through the cloud via Google.

The startup this week announced the immediate availability of its Boson 4 single cat-qubit chip series on Google Cloud Marketplace.

“When my co-founder and I started Alice & Bob, many thought cat qubits would never be more than a lab concept. We are now the first company to make a cat qubit chip available for everyone to use,” said Théau Peronnin, CEO and co-founder of Alice & Bob. “We are convinced Boson 4 will spark interest among researchers and we are committed to continuously extending the range of experiments which can be performed with it.”

As well as Alice and Bob’s Felis Cloud services, quantum firm IonQ’s processors are also available through the Google Cloud Platform.

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Image: Alice & Bob