University of Regina saves students over $1 million with open textbooks

University of Regina

If rising tuition costs weren’t enough to send university student spiralling into debt, the high prices of textbooks can deepen the crater in their bank accounts. To help ease that financial pain, many universities turn to open textbooks. One of those schools is the University of Regina. By offering open text books, the university expects to save a huge amount for students over the next five years.

The expected savings are in the region of $1.5 million (CAD), or around $1.1 million USD (at the time of writing). The textbooks, according to a report by radio station CKOM, are “provided free for (students) and they can be printed off or used as e-books.” Students aren’t getting inferior-quality textbooks, though. Nilgun Onder of the University of Regina said that the “textbooks and other open education resources the university published are all peer-reviewed resources. In other words, they are reliable and credible.”