Twitter Pauses Public Requests for Profile Verification, Just a Week After Re-Launch

Twitter Public Profile Verification

Twitter announced that it was re-opening public requests for profile verification, which have been on pause since 2017 due to confusion around the process, and what, exactly, its coveted blue checkmark on profiles respresents.

But now, due to a massive influx of requests, Twitter says that it needs to put public verification requests on hold once again, in order to clear the backlog.

As noted, that’s not really a huge surprise – people are always looking to get their profiles verified, on every social platform, in order to gain an extra measure of in-app status, and given that Twitter has 199 million active users, and only 360k of them currently have the blue tick (0.18%), that’s a lot of people who will no doubt be very keen to jump in and apply for verification, even if they don’t meet the tough new criteria for such.

And this is after just one week – imagine how many people were still mulling over whether to apply, and after just 8 days, in total, Twitter is already overwhelmed due to the workload. That doesn’t bode well for the future of its public application process.

This has always been part of the problem for profile verification, which is why most platform’s don’t offer a public request process, instead maintaining a more opaque, in-house assessment system which grants profile verification on its own whim, or via its own, internal qualifiers that no one else, for sure, understands.

Which is really what Twitter has been doing for the past four years, with many profiles still getting the blue checkmark even after it publicly shut down the process.

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