StrongArm Raises $50M for Industrial Safety Wearables

StrongArm Technologies has raised $50 million to deliver wearable devices that protect industrialworkers.

The funding round, led by Drive Capital, is the company’s second investment within the past year and is the biggest investment on record for an industrial safety wearables company.

StrongArm says the funds raised will help grow its team and expand its services in several areas of the company from introducing its SafeWork System to empowering its customers, by providing real-time feedback to inform safety, proper training and productivity across the workforce.

“In five years, it will seem inconceivable that we once operated without industrial wearables and made decisions without the data they provide,” said StrongArm board member Shaun Stewart. “StrongArm is applying reliable, innovative technology to one of the largest, most technologically in-need sectors in the entire economy.”

StrongArm’s wearable sensors use automated analytics based on more than 30 million hours of on-body testing. They use the data to warn supervisors of critical safety risks like ergonomic strain from worker equipment or workers standing too close for social distancing. They also capture workforce movement at specific locations via Bluetooth beacons.