SoftBank completes all-optical network in core areas in Japan

Fujitsu 1FINITY T900 transponder blade

Japanese telecommunications operator SoftBank recently completed the nationwide deployment, in core areas, of an all-optical network, using a disaggregated architecture optical transmission system that supports open networks, compatriot company Fujitsu said in a release.

The company noted that the deployment included Fujitsu’s next-generation optical transmission platform “1 FINITY Ultra Optical System T900”.

Fujitsu and SoftBank said they aim to contribute to the realization of greener networks by building communication infrastructure with a lower environmental impact.

Fujitsu said that SoftBank’ all-optical network uses optical technology in all areas of the communications network. Also, leveraging Fujitsu’s next-generation optical transmission system, the new network realizes a reduction of power consumption of up to 90% compared to previous networks by connecting to equipment compatible with all optical technology and applying liquid cooling technology. Connected to conventional equipment, the latest photoelectric conversion technology reduces power consumption by about 50% compared to conventional equipment, Fujitsu added.

Using a pair of optical fibers, Fujitsu and SoftBank further improved communication performance, achieving high capacity and high-speed transmission of up to 48.8 Tbps, approximately “twice as high as that of conventional networks,” according to the Japanese company.

“With the introduction of the new optical transmission system, SoftBank aims to build a network that achieves carbon neutrality while meeting the ever-increasing demand for data communication in anticipation of future networks based on Beyond 5G/6G technology,” Fujitsu said.

“Moving forward, Fujitsu and SoftBank will use leading-edge technologies to contribute to the solution of societal problems and contribute to the realization of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” the company added.

Fujitsu claimed its 1FINITY T900 platforms is the first system in the world to use liquid cooling technology in an optical transmission system to significantly improve environmental performance even when connecting to existing devices that are difficult to connect to all optical network devices. As a result, the system realizes cooling efficiency that is two times higher than that of conventional air cooling technology, the company said.

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