SmarTone uses 3.5 GHz band to boost 5G at Hong Kong airport

Hongkong airport

Hong Kong carrier SmarTone has recently deployed 5G services using the 3.5 GHz frequency band at Hong Kong International Airport, the telco said in a statement.

The telco noted that this upgrade significantly enhances the 5G network capacity in both indoor and outdoor spaces of the airport.

“Our 5G network fully covers Hong Kong’s major ports, providing uninterrupted high-speed and smooth 5G network experience for the busy inbound and outbound crowd,” the company said.

The first phase of the 5G network upgrade project has been completed, covering the departures hall, arrivals hall, baggage reclaim hall and restricted area of Hong Kong International Airport, SmarTone said, adding: “With the upgraded 5G network now in place, both arriving and departing customers can seamlessly connect to various intelligent facilities throughout the airport and enjoy smooth 5G network experiences.”

SmarTone noted it already provides full 5G coverage in transportation hubs including all 23 road tunnels, major routes, and all MTR stations in Hong Kong.

“SmarTone will continue to expand network coverage and enhance network performance, aiming to provide customers and Hong Kong with the most advanced network infrastructure, leading the development of Hong Kong’s smart city initiatives,” the telco added.

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Image: Pixabay