Smart windows aim to optimise health and wellbeing of occupants

Smart windows are being used to help transform an office block in New York’s Manhattan to make it more ‘experiential’ as well as more sustainable and healthier.

View windows will be installed at the overbuild at 100 Pearl Street, in Lower Manhattan, currently undergoing a top-to-bottom transformation by GFP Real Estate and Northwind Group.

100 Pearl Street, which encompasses a full city block on Hanover Square, is being renovated into a premier downtown New York City office asset with rare all-glass penthouses offering 360-degree views across the East River toward Brooklyn and south over New York Harbour to the Statue of Liberty.

The design of the double-height, 24-foot all-glass penthouses are made possible by View Smart Windows, which use artificial intelligence to tint automatically, optimising natural light and views of the outdoors while minimising heat and glare.

“Our vision was to transform 100 Pearl Street into a statement piece on the busy Manhattan cityscape,” said Brian Steinwurtzel, co-CEO of GFP Real Estate. “Our tenants want exclusive amenities. They want their offices to adapt to their needs and enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of their employees. View’s smart window technology helps us accomplish that goal.”

Smart glass claims to offer significant health advantages by reducing the incidence of eyestrain and headaches by more than 50 per cent. In a recent study, employees working next to View Smart Windows improved their sleep by 37 minutes per night and cognitive function by 42 per cent. These findings are particularly important today as users are focused on health, wellness, and re-entering the workplace with confidence.

“Companies around the world are reinventing buildings to be experiential, sustainable, healthy, and smart,” said Dr Rao Mulpuri, chairman and CEO of View. “Renovations like those taking place at 100 Pearl represent a tremendous opportunity to transform the built environment to optimise the health and wellbeing of occupants.”

View reports its windows have been designed into 75 million square feet of buildings including offices, hospitals, airports, educational facilities, hotels and multi-family residences. 100 Pearl Street is the first Downtown Manhattan property to feature its smart windows.



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