Seoul launches multilingual version of its metaverse

The Seoul Metropolitan Government also plans to launch a PC as well as a smartphone app version of Metaverse Seoul and use it for IT education for citizens.

Seoul’s metaverse platform has been made available in multilingual versions (English, Chinese, and Japanese) to allow those who do not speak Korean to benefit from the service.

Metaverse Seoul has constantly updated features and added content since its launch in January this year.

Users of Metaverse Seoul can use the international version based on the language information saved in their smartphone without changing the language setting of the platform. They can also change the language option on the application.

For international users, the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) allows sign-ups through email verification. Previously, Metaverse Seoul required personal authentication, but this prevented foreign users without an alien registration number from signing up. Once the self-authentication through email verification is approved, anyone can become a member of the platform.

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